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You cannot improve without practice. Yet very few sales teams practice on a regular basis. The only way to improve results is to first improve behavior.
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Cost of Lost Sales

The average company loses 12% of its revenue due to poor sales practices


of salespeople lack basic sales skills.


of sales training is lost after 90 days due to low retention.


of sales reps feel unprepared for meetings.

As an illustration
U.S. Home Services companies losses so far…
in sales revenue due to poor sales preparedness. By the end of 2024, it will reach nearly $72 billion.

A batting cage for sales teams

Empower your team with actionable conversational strategies that can be easily practiced and utilized in the field.
Step 1

Identify a  challenging sales situation.

Step 2

Use Roleplay AI to craft strategic talk tracks for the situation.

Step 3

Assign learners to practice within a conversation simulator.

Step 4

Verify compliance & capability.

Get your team on message!


Bring order to chaos – Get your team on a consistent message.
Ongoing learning elegantly integrated into the workday.
Instantly compose & disseminate AI-enabled talk tracks.
Meet the learners where they are, when they need it.
Conversation training that is fully automated and endlessly scalable.
Accountability: Detailed performance and compliance insights.

Persuade the Customer AI in a live “scrimmage.”

Once your team has practiced various conversational strategies, our AI challenges them in an open-ended conversation, helping them master certain techniques and adapt to surprises.

— Live, unpredictable conversations with AI of various levels of difficulty.
— Immediate Feedback: Offering learners concise, actionable insights.
— Managerial Insights: Delivering comprehensive performance reports.

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Master any conversational situation

Drive Revenue: Activate talk tracks targeting sales goals

Practis addresses the fact that 71% of sales reps feel unprepared for meetings by empowering them with actionable conversational strategies that they can practice and internalize in a convenient and psychologically safe environment. Our flexible training methodology easily integrates into the workday and is intended for on-demand use.

Practice what to say… with Practis.

Ramp up New Hires / Speed to Proficiency

Practis streamlines onboarding with AI-driven simulations, boosting knowledge retention well above the typical 16% over 90 days. Efficiently handles any number of trainees and quickly adjusts to seasonal needs, ensuring new hires are swiftly integrated and properly prepared to communicate successfully in sales situations.

Practice what to say… with Practis.

Maximize Revenue with Targeted Conversational Strategies

Enhance your team's sales tactics with Practis's actionable strategies and test their effectiveness in real-time with our Improvisational Learning feature. Through dynamic simulations against our Customer AI, your team can refine their conversational skills before real customer interactions.

Practice what to say… with Practis.
Three business professionals in a meeting, with a man presenting a new product on a large mobile screen to two sales team.

Coordinated Product Launches

With so much invested in every product launch, companies must ensure team members are armed with the requisite talk tracks and are capable of delivering them. Since Practis standardizes messaging so effectively across branches, this consistency accelerates product launches and enhances customer satisfaction.

Practice what to say… with Practis.

Establish Company-Wide Conversational Best Practices

Practis helps to minimize “The Telephone Game” syndrome by efficiently getting large numbers of dispersed personnel on a unified message. Words matter. 90% of purchasing decisions are influenced by customer experience. Practis ensures consistent, professional interactions that will boost satisfaction and drive business success.

Practice what to say… with Practis.

PR Crisis Management / Triage

Quickly address a communication crisis by getting the proper messaging out to everyone within a format they can actively learn and subsequently perform when put on the spot.

Practice what to say… with Practis.

“Could be sellers”

Practis addresses the lack of sales training among technicians, a challenge identified in McKinsey's insights on industrial services. By equipping your technical staff with specialized sales training, Practis enables them to recognize and seize upselling opportunities effectively. This strategic enhancement turns your technicians from mere cost centers into valuable revenue generators

Practice what to say… with Practis.

Quickly Boost Sales… with Practis

1 1,000
1 1,000
12 100,000

Sales Boost by Practis

Based on our analytics from the past two years


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Why 24% Sales Performance Boost?

Our Sales Performance Calculator provides an illustrative estimate of potential revenue improvement with Practis, based on two years of customer data across various markets, including insurance, HVAC, service and pest control, and real estate. Note: actual results require detailed discussions.

Input the number of sales reps, their average monthly sales, and average sale value. The calculator estimates your total monthly sales revenue and highlights a potential 24% performance boost with Practis. Ideal for optimizing sales team performance and maximizing profits.

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Don't take our words. Listen to theirs.

I've implemented Practis at two companies and would recommend it to any of my peers, especially those with distributed sales teams. With Practis we were able to improve our onboarding process, increase skills transparency and rapidly deploy new promotional messaging to our teams in the field.  We saw a 30% improvement in weekly sales.  We were also able to greatly improve our new hire retention through improving onboarding support and ensuring early success.  

Jess Newman

Chief Operating Officer

Support-related requests rarely go past a few hours. They are handled quickly and efficiently. This is the most responsive customer service I have ever experienced. They are super responsive and super accurate. There are never any issues.

Hayes Crute

Branch Sales Manager

A high-potential technician had shifted to sales but was struggling to hit his close rates. He immediately improved to a 67% higher close rate within 2 months of using the Practis App.

Kevin Tinsley

Regional Sales Manager

Practis allows us to drive certain behaviors that result in greater confidence, better reaction times and overall improvement in skill sets.

Curry Huskes

Branch Manager

Practis helps me in the way of repetition, to kind of work through my words and know what I'm going to say.  So when I'm in front of a customer, I feel confident in my responses. It's through repetition that I always have those answers ready to fire off.

Mykel Randall


Integrating Practis into our Customer Experience Center boosted our Quality scores from 72% to 87% within a year. Regular role-playing exercises during weekly coaching sessions have significantly improved team performance, underscoring Practis's value in enhancing customer service.

Barb Dorsett

Call Center Director

I've heard absolutely nothing but positive things from it.  They're creating habits that they don't realize they have until a question comes up from a customer that they then feel confident enough to answer it because they've practiced it.  As a region we've excelled. We've grown leaps and bounds in our market share.

Dawn Aguayo

Regional Manager

We put a new hire on Practis for 1 week. The next week she had 3 times as many sales as our typical new hire.

Ugochukwu Onuigbo

Branch Sales Manager

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Major League Baseball players take ~600 swings per day in batting practice but average just 7 swings per game. 

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Why work with Practis?

Quickly boost sales skills with targeted AI scenarios.
Customize training to perfectly fit your team's needs.
Leverage detailed data for strategic training improvements.

You ask. We answer.

What are the key components of the Practis Platform?

The Practis Platform includes three essential components designed to optimize sales training and performance management. The web portal acts as the foundation of our comprehensive sales training software, allowing team leaders to efficiently manage teams, track learning progress, and conduct content creation and management.

The training app, suitable for all mobile devices, is tailored for trainees to immerse themselves in scenario-based training, practice their skills, complete accuracy tests, and receive essential real-time feedback.

ScrimmageAI is improvisational roleplay opposite an AI Customer. Learners are put into conversational situations and challenged to “win over” or persuade the AI to do what they want. The AI Customer is programmed to be amenable or quite difficult depending on the skill level or seniority of the learner.

The team leader app, a vital extension of the web portal, is available across platforms and allows leaders to review submissions and deliver customizable feedback, enhancing the sales training experience for every team member.

Watch Now: Explore the Team Leader App in Action

How quickly can we start using Practis?

Practis, as a scalable sales training system, allows you to begin training within a matter of days, leveraging its web-based application and mobile compatibility. There's no requirement for additional hardware or software, minimizing initial setup costs. The sales training software streamlines the process of managing and delivering training content, enabling a swift and effective training rollout.

Watch Now: Quick Demo on Creating and Delivering Training with Practis

Can Practis handle training for big teams in different locations?

Practis is perfectly suited for handling training needs across geographically dispersed teams, offering a consistent and comprehensive training platform that includes virtual sales role-play ability.

Additionally, its flexible licensing options allow you to easily adjust the number of active users to match seasonal demands. This adaptability ensures that Practis can efficiently support any team size, at any time, making it an ideal choice for dynamic business environments.

What measurable benefits does Practis deliver for sales teams?

Businesses utilizing Practis can anticipate substantial enhancements in sales performance, marked by increased close rates and improved sales training retention. These outcomes are consistently evidenced in our comprehensive case studies, showcasing Practis's effectiveness in driving measurable improvements in sales metrics.

Case studies

Green Growth: How Practis Doubled New Hire Retention and Supercharged Sales in Lawn Care

Financing the Win: Boosting Regional Sales by 20% with Practis

Skyrocketing Sales: How Practis Propelled a National Service Company from 19.6% to 64% Close Rates in Just 30 Days

What are the content creation options available in Practis?

Practis offers two primary methods for creating training content. The first is the Practis Roleplay AI, an AI-powered tool designed to generate customer interaction scenarios from descriptions of sales situations. The second option is the use of an integrated editor, which allows you to manually create and customize various training materials tailored to your specific needs.

How does the Practis Roleplay AI enhance content creation for training?

The Practis Roleplay AI is an AI-based tool specifically designed to assist in the development of sales training content. It simplifies the content creation process by enabling users to generate, edit, and refine training materials through a guided wizard. This wizard asks specific questions about your sales challenges and uses your responses to produce tailored training content.

Once generated, you can further customize this content interactively by engaging with the AI, making it an ideal solution for enhancing customer interaction skills or creating new content from scratch.

How does Practis make training easier for sales managers?

Practis makes a manager's job easier by using AI to help put together and improve training materials quickly. Managers can then send out these fresh trainings right away. To see just how simple it is, check out this short video showing the process. Practis also cuts down on work by automating how we check what trainees have learned and making sure everyone’s up to speed.

The system includes Learning Management System (LMS) that helps managers pick out and keep the best trainings to share with any number of team members, no matter where they are. Plus, Practis has an automatic way to remind trainees if they’re behind and let team leaders see who needs to catch up at a glance.

Practis for team leaders

Practis for learners

What is the rationale behind Practis's emphasis on repeated scenario practice?

Practis prioritizes repeated scenario practice because it solidifies key skills and bolsters memory, especially under the stress of real sales situations. This repetition, combined with modern, engaging training techniques, ensures that sales teams retain information and apply it effectively. Additionally, to maximize learning outcomes, Practis advocates for a diverse mix of training methods, enhancing versatility and adaptability in sales strategies.

How does Practis tailor training for different expertise levels within a sales team?

"Practis offers tailored training to effectively elevate the entire spectrum of sales talent within your team. It's not just the top performers who can drive revenue; there's immense value in developing your mid-level sales professionals. In fact, studies have shown (i think there should be a source of this concept) — and as illustrated here — that improving the skills of the mid-level 70% of your sales team can have a more significant impact on total revenue than the same improvement among your top performers. With Practis, you can unlock this potential and see a transformative effect on your sales outcomes.

Image titled 'The Revenue Catalyst: Improving the 70% in the middle has the biggest impact on aggregate revenues', featuring three bar graphs comparing performance gains among Top, Mid, and Low Performers. The slide indicates that a 5% gain in mid-level performers contributes significantly more to overall revenue than the same gain in top performers, according to the Sales Executive Council.
How does Practis track and report on training progress for individuals and teams?

Practis can handle teams of any size and uses its built-in system to keep track of detailed training progress and performance. Managers get clear reports on how each person and the whole team are doing. Additionally, Practis allows you to create custom reports in Excel format. These reports let you look at training results from different angles, making it easier to understand and improve your team’s training experiences.

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